Meet Brabant

North Brabant is a province in the south of the Netherlands, right on the border with Belgium, and just a stone's throw from global cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels. Traditionally, Brabant has been characterised as pleasant and hospitable, but Brabant now also offers the fastest growing economy in the Netherlands - an economy based on knowledge, innovation and creativity. Brabant is the place where the future is being shaped. You'll experience that spirit in all the locations in Brabant, from the dynamic cities to the peaceful countryside.

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The cities of Brabant






Region of knowledge and imagination

Strength in innovation and inspiration characterise Brabant. For example, it's where Vincent van Gogh lived and painted. In Brabant you can step into his life, his paintings, his inspiration. Quite literally. That creativity is now also linked to High Tech, Design & Agrifood, which is shaping our future. With knowledge institutes such as Eindhoven Technical University, Eindhoven Design Academy, Design Labs, Food Labs, High Tech Campus, Innovation Centres, Automotive Campus, Tilburg University and many others, Brabant can claim its place amongst the top knowledge destinations in the world. Feel the Vibe, Meet in Brabant!

The countryside of Brabant

As well as authentic cities, Brabant offers a beautiful setting: namely a wonderfully varied rural natural environment. In Brabant, you'll literally recognise Van Gogh's landscapes, but nature itself is also famous here. From De Biesbosch and Het Groene Woud National Parks to the De Groote Heide Nature Park which stretches over the border into Belgium, and the Loonse & Drunense Dunes National Park, nature is also close at hand in Brabant. Of course, we're happy to help you discover these beautiful locations in the countryside.