Press release: Helmond receives international award for smart mobility

Press release
Helmond, 22 October 2019

Today, the Municipality of Helmond received the ITS Local Government Award during the ITS World congress in Singapore. Helmond won the award because it has developed into a living lab for smart mobility with the Automotive Campus Helmond as its physical hotspot. Based in Europe's leading innovative top technology region, Brainport Eindhoven, Helmond has gained an honourable place on the list of international leaders in the field of smart mobility.

Bridging the gap

Jacob Bangsgaard of Ertico, co-organizer of the ITS World Congress in Singapore: "By taking a very practical approach, the city bridges the gap between research and deployment, bringing significant benefits to the users of ITS technologies. Helmond works closely with research institutes and the business community with a strong drive to put ITS technologies into use."

International appeal

Local transport companies and fire brigades, among others, now use tested ITS services in their day-to-day operations. Alderman Antoinette Maas: "We can be proud of this result. Together with the Automotive Campus and the region, we are internationally significant when it comes to smart and sustainable mobility. Our city is literally a 'living lab', where we test innovations in daily practice. The next step is to involve residents in the challenging journey of putting technologies into practice."

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